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Language and Cultural Services in UK and Europe

Welcome to Inter-Bridge, an established and dynamic educational and cultural service.

We offer tailored solutions for all your language needs.

We are extremely flexible and will seek to match our solutions to your requirements. Our qualified staff are ready to teach either in UK, Spain, Poland or Russia. If you’re planning to visit we can help with, flights, accommodation and travel. We promise you more than just a study break – it’s a language learning experience. And on your terms.

Cultural programmes and visits to events, festivals, and exhibitions can be arranged and pre-booked.

Weekend immersion sessions to month-long courses, it’s your choice. Whatever you want, wherever and however you want it, we can help.


The Director, Des Buckley, works 3 weeks in Spain and 1 week in England.
He offers one-week study breaks at his home in Cambridgeshire during the weeks he is in UK.

Click here for the dates he will be in UK.

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