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Language and Cultural Services in UK and Europe

My work schedule is usually 3 weeks in Spain followed by 1 week in England. For the weeks I am in England I am able to offer one-week study breaks. Stay (all inclusive) with me and my wife in our house in Cambridgeshire and immerse yourself in the language. Choose the balance of formal tuition and excursions to suit you. We look forward to welcoming you to our house and hospitality. There is multi-channel TV and free wi-fi internet access.

Book soon while places still available!

Svetlana Click here to read feedback from Svetlana, who stayed with us.

Prices shown here are for home stay with Des Buckley and his family in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. If you want more than one week contact us and we will put together a package for you. Prices here are for guidance only. Ask us for a formal quote

£ 20.00 per hour for 1 student,

£15.00  each for more than 1 student

Sterling Zlotties
(PLN 5 = £1)
(RR100 = £1)
($1.95 = £1)
No.of students:              price per hour: £20.00 100  1000 39.00
No.of hours per day:      price per day: £40.00 200  2000 78.00
 price per week (daily  x 5): £200.00 1000  10000 390.00
No.of weeks:                
total tuition cost: £200.00 1000  10000 390.00
Homestay accommodation total accommodation: £105.00 525  5250 204.75
Airport transfer:           total transfer: 0 0  0 0
Total cost
(excluding flights & visas)
£305.00 1525  15250 594.75
Cost per student: 305.00 1525 15250 594.75

Inter-Bridge is an authorised agent for the following language providers:

The following companies are approved by the UK Border Agency.

Have a look at their courses.

If they are suitable, book through us – we can usually offer you a discount on their advertised prices.

1. Bell-Worldwide 2. Churchill House (Ramsgate)


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